BAA  S.Y. 2016-2017

"The School that Trains for Service"


Midred Faye G. Santiago, Principal,SO&SSG Adviser, 

              Alumni Coordinator

              [email protected]

Daniel E. Leonardo, Treasurer, JO Adviser

Esther A. Conopio,Assistant Principal for Academics

              Cashier, Music Teacher

Catherine T. Ilagan, Registrar

Abner M. Mazo, Assistant Registrar, PE Teacher

Frederico Cangco, Chaplain, Values 8 &4 Teacher

RicJason Fonte, Assistant Chaplain, Values 7 & 9 T

               [email protected]

Reily P. Leonardia, Guidance Councilor, Science 


Nemencia D. Gajudo, Librarian

Karl V. Acebedo, Computer Teacher

Jerry P. Alvares,Mathematics Teacher

Rowena P. Imperio, Mathematics Teacher

Margielene D. Judan,Math & TLE Teacher

Johann F. Musico, English Teacher

Ralph I. Pantalunan, Araling Panlipunan Teacher

Nelva Phodaca, TLE teacher

Ladily Bas, English Teacher

Rizza Dasal, Applied Music Teacher

Romulo S. Palacio, Canteen Supervisor

Rodolfo A. Orias, Janitorial Service Head

Reynaldo N. Yago, Maintenance Head


Supplementary Duty

1. Creates/maintains personality profile of his /her students.

2. Gathers up-to-date educational materials and visual aids on current issues and trends in education.

3. Provides continually a wholesome teacher-learner environment.

4. Promotes philosophy, mission, and objectives of Adventist Education.

5. Attends parents-teachers conference and home and school meetings.

6. Assists the school principal during meetings and programs.

7. Encourages and acts in a pleasant manner toward fellow educator.

8. Submit reports required by both educational leaders of the Conference and DepEd.

9. Participates in professional growth and spiritual growth training e.g.

     a. Formal upgrading

     b. In-service training

     c. Educational tour

     d. Convention

10. Purchases books and magazines for professional growth when deemed essential.

11. Helps in establishing short range, or long range strategic plans (up to 5 years)

12. Sees to it that beautification, health and sanitation facilities are implemented.

13. Keeps an up-to-date lesson plan, school register, class record, and course outline.

14. Participates in formulating and interpreting the policies of the school.

15. Assists the principal in implementing school rules and regulations.

16. Submits promptly and regularly to the principal lesson plans every Tuesday and midterm/periodical test                    questions 5 days before the examination day.

17. Return promptly checked test papers, quizzes, assignments, periodicals, and projects to the students.


1. Devotional Time: 6:30 AM (Monday)

                                    6:40 AM (Tue-Fri)

2. Flag Ceremony    6:50 - 7:00 AM

3. Chapel Program: 8:00 AM (Monday)

4. Midweek Prayer Meeting: 1:30 PM (Wednesday)

5. BAA Family Circle of Prayer: 3:00 PM (@ Faculty Lounge)

6. Regular Sabbath attendance with one Sabbath off.

7. Learning Plans - submitted every Tuesday for filling.

8. Faculty Meeting: Every 2nd and 4th Thursday.

9. Administrative Committee Meeting: Every 1st and 3rd Thursday

10. All absences must have prior approval from the principal.